Red Iron Security Team – RIST

Red Iron Security Team (RIST) was first formed and utilized to protect our men and woman in the oil and gas industry who work in countries and territories around the world ravaged by war or terror. Our security forces maintain safety and security for construction areas, installation projects, drilling operations and transportation within and throughout those environments in turmoil.

Red Iron Security Team (RIST)

RIST Provides a Variety of Specialized Security Solutions

Our security services include location, movement, associations, conduct, reputation and whereabouts of employees, business partners and debtors. We provide personal security and protection for our executive, government and celebrity clients. All operations are performed by highly trained and skilled veterans of the United States military. Our teams are highly trained in counter insurgency and tactical protection. We carry out professional technical surveys of offices, homes and vehicles to ensure that you are not being monitored by any third party. Using our own in-house team, we can offer professional and discrete (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) TSCM services anywhere in the world.

Professional SecuritySecurity ServicesTechnical Surveillance Countermeasures

Military Grade Security Vehicles

Our military grade special operations vehicles have cameras, trackers and various electronic devices, from B4 to B7 class armor protection. We will make sure that the equipment supplied meets the requirements of the mission. RIST specializes in the safe and secure movement of high value assets and individuals by road from one destination to another, without the benefit of a police escort.

State of the Art Security Equipment

RIST utilizes state of the art technology to enhance our security teams, from remote monitoring devices, wireless cameras, CCTV equipment, radar and seismic devices. We can develop turnkey solutions for any situation. We assess the threat, determine the protection and deploy the systems to ensure personnel or asset safety and integrity. The security of your intellectual property and personal privacy is critical, so we ensure our own vehicles, offices and phones are professionally swept for illicit devices on a regular basis for your additional piece of mind.

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