Concrete Cathodic Protection – Specialty Cathodic Services

RUST also provides technology, we are able to offer concrete cathodic protection to structures ranging from basements to underground tunnels. RUST has also provided design and installation inspection services on concrete structures such as roadway bridges and exterior dwelling structures.

Concrete Cathodic protection

Electro-Osmotic Pulse

The technology provides waterproofing of concrete structures utilizing a pulsed current signal to migrate water from anode to cathode. This concrete cathodic protection technology has revolutionized the way we waterproof basements, parking garages and subterranean structures and uses less energy than a light bulb!

Conventional Concrete Cathodic Protection

Our Patents and research and development teams provide unique and robust power supplies on many different applications.

Types of projects RUST has experience completing:

  • Historic Buildings & Steel Structures
  • Bridge Decking & Girder Repair
  • Metalization
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