Reliable Ground Operations

Global Cathodic ServicesReliable Ground Operations provide unmatched pipeline integrity survey, installation, and investigation services globally. RUST has mobilized to the Middle East, Peru, Ecuador and other areas of South America as well as other areas where our availability and ease of mission logistics has allowed us to be a CP ground force for survey, and training, as well as performing some of the most difficult and hard to reach cathodic protection construction projects all over the world.

Cathodic Ground Protection Services

Monitoring Survey’s
RUST offers full service Annual, bi-monthly, or additional set interval survey services. RUST employees are experienced in dealing with cathodic protection systems installed on gathering, distribution, and transmission pipelines, refining operations, propane tanks and other facilities. With trained NACE certified technicians conducting each survey, you are ensured an accurate and complete survey of your system. Timely deliverables for all survey work is a priority at RUST.

NACE Certified TechniciansField Testing Services
• Current Requirement
• Stray & Interference Current
• Continuity & Isolation
• Soil Resistivity Profiles
• General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
• Remote Monitoring Installation & Maintenance
• Pipeline Integrity Survey

Over the line surveys
• Leak Detection survey
• Close Internal Survey (CIS)
• Surface Potential
• Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM)

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