Cathodic Protection Services – G&H

G&H cathodic protection services has a proven track record of solving cathodic protection needs for the refinery and commercial infrastructure industry. G&H cathodic protection services has solved corrosion problems in large warehouse facilities, gas stations, piping in large industrial complexes, and specialty concepts for corrosion control.

G&H Cathodic Protection Services

Cathodic Protection Services Include:

  • Large Warehouse Facilities
  • Gas Station Tanks
  • Piping in Large Industrial Complexes
  • Specialty Concepts for Unorthodox Materials

RUST can perform annual surveys and test point surveys for any location.

RUST can design cathodic protection systems for pipe assets, tanks, and structures.

RUST installs distributed anode systems, deep ground beds, shallow ground beds, and linear system.

RUST installs AC interference devices, test stations, bonds for mitigating AC and DC interference, and coupon test stations.

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