Cathodic Protection Design & Consulting

Reliable Underground Service Technicians, Inc. offers a variety of consulting services including cathodic protection design and installation consulting. All of RUST’s staff are National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certified. This assures you are getting highly qualified, experienced, professionals to conduct your Cathodic Protection work. RUST has the expertise to design and oversee your Cathodic Protection project from start to finish and keep your system running properly for the long term.

Cathodic Protection Design

Engineering Software

RUST owns one of the most advanced software suites available today with its highly customizable reporting solutions. The software was created for all aspects, from cathodic protection design to installation and survey. RUST believes the cathodic protection industry continually improves with innovation and RUST is the vanguard of innovation technologies for the cathodic protection industry.

Cathodic Protection Design Consulting

RUST can provide solutions for all your cathodic protection design consulting needs. RUST engineers can design the proper system and provide detailed deliverables using our state of the art modeling and as-built software, while integrating your specific environmental needs through specialized testing and experience.

Installation Consulting

RUST technicians have served as quality inspectors on many types of cathodic protection installation projects ranging from bridge construction, propane tanks, deep ground beds and specialized systems on non-conventional structures.

Other Consulting Services

  • Project Management on Turn-Key Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Budget Estimates & Economic Feasibility
  • Data Interpretation
  • Inspection Services
  • Construction Verification Services
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